Using characters from one of the most well know authors of children’s books, Dr. Seus, a strong message of anti-bullying is presented in an interactive and educational Powerpoint presentation. The presentation will help each child and young adult identify the 4 types of bullying, learn what to do if they or someone they know are being bullied, and understand the ramifications of bullying on an individual.

A strong component of the program focuses on how bullies target individuals with disabilities and how individuals with disabilities, especially more involved individuals, are at a higher risk of being bullied and isolated by their peers. Typically, this is due to incorrect information, a lack of understanding and empathy, and an individual’s unwillingness to get involved and stand up for an individual with a disability.

Participants will walk away from the presentation knowing how to be part of the change at their school when it comes to bullying. They will also receive specifically designed tools to help remind them about what they have learned and what to do when they are involved in a bullying situation.

The training is provided to children and young adults in 3rd to 12th grade and is currently funded through the Manatee County Children’s Services Advisory Board to schools and programs in Manatee County.

If you believe your school would benefit from the More Alike Than Different or the Stand Up to Bulling program talk with your Principal, Vice Principal, or Guidance Counselor about inviting us to present the two program. There is no charge to provide the program to a school or agency in Manatee County. To contact us call (941) 928-0682 or visit our website at

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