MomsAwayMoms Away!™, is a 24-hour retreat that gives mothers of children with disabilities or special needs a chance to rejuvenate and relax.

Studies have shown that mothers of children with disabilities have significantly more stress in their daily lives than parents of typical children. As they are usually the primary caregiver, mothers often struggle to take care of themselves and plan for their own futures. Moms Away!™ gives them a chance to do so.

“The 2010 Moms Away!™ weekend was awesome! From the speakers, who gave us such hope and great tips on coping and thriving with our children’s issues, to the phenomenal Saturday facial, program and meal. The event gave each of us a weekend away to take a fresh look on keeping ourselves emotionally and physically healthy. I wish that each of last year’s sponsors could have seen all our happy faces and the confidence and hope we took away from this event and brought back to our families! Thank you for a weekend of wonderful experiences with other mothers of children with disabilities!”

-Debbie B.
“Moms Away!™ was a turning point in the lives of many moms who have children with disabilities. It allowed us to recognize the need for peace and relaxation for ourselves. Mom’s Away!™ provided the time and tools to help all of us maintain stamina on a daily basis as well as during the more difficult times. This event was life-changing and an immeasurable, positive influence for those who had the opportunity to attend.”
-Michelle S.
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