If you have recently learned your little one has a disability, or special needs, now is the time to work to ensure that your child is receiving the developmental support he or she needs to help ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

  • To get your child started on receiving developmental, early intervention services contact Gulf Central Early Steps.  Services include assessments, evaluations, early intervention therapy, service coordination, home-based services, adaptive equipment, counseling, parent support, resources, and information.  Remember, the sooner you can start early intervention services the better outcomes your child will have for their future.
  • To connect your child to a broad range of medical, therapeutic and supportive services visit Children’s Medical Services (CMS) to see if your child is eligible. Children’s Medical Services’ focus is on helping your child grow up healthier and includes prevention and early intervention services, primary care, medical and therapeutic specialty care, and long term care.

If you’re a parent who is concerned or has a suspicion that your child is not developmentally on track click here for your copy of “Is My Child On Track”.  This developmental milestone check list will assist you in keeping track of how your child is developing and growing.


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